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Blank meme is an image of eight green triangles alternating between two different shades with the points touching at the center behind the head of an alligator.

Autistic-Alligator has been re-created to keep the meme alive on Tumblr. I am not the original creator of the meme or the blog.
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Follower Giveaway!!!

ASAN’s tumblr has passed the 2000 follower mark, so we are doing a giveaway! We are giving away a copy of the Loud Hands Anthology as well as a Color Communication Badge Set- and possibly something else- to one lucky follower. 

To Enter:

  • You must be following us.
  • Likes and Reblogs both count, but the rules need to be kept complete with image descriptions.
  • You must be willing to provide your shipping information via email to SBreakstone@autisticadvocacy.org
  • You can reblog and exempt yourself if you want (so just to signal boost) by adding a note in the text of your reblog.
  • We will draw a winner using a random number generator on November 3rd, 2014. You should have your ask box open on this date. If not, or if you don’t respond by November 7th, we will redraw.
  • We plan to ship it out the week of our Gala, which is November 12th, 2014. Any additions will be added at this point. We plan on taking a picture of the package before it ships.


First image is a copy of the Loud Hands anthology. Some cute kitty paws are also visible. Image via asanofkc's Chapter Leader.

Second image: A close up of a Color Communication Badge Set, with the Green badge facing up.

[Image of meme; Top text: “Orders safe food from new restaurant” Bottom text: “Still can’t eat it”]

Submission by anonymous

Hey so I'm autistic and I was wondering if my (assumed) social anxiety could prevent me from seeming like I'm autistic? Like I would love to stim in public but then I get frightened about what people will think so I stop myself. Is this possible?

Asked by spoopykiwi

Actually, yes.  In fact, it’s incredibly common.


[Image of meme; Top text: “Face guessing round of trivia night” Bottom text: “What a nightmare”]

This one needs an explanation.

So I once went to a trivia night. Thought it’d all be fun, and it was fun. Until we got to the first round. It was one of those basic “Who Am I?” rounds where you get pictures of famous celebrities and you have to guess who they are. But here’s the catch. The pictures were not actually pictures of the celebrities, but of their facial features Photoshopped onto someone else’s head, for example, the face of Will Smith Photoshopped onto the head of a white woman. Needless to say, I was horrible with that round. Anything that relies on me trying to recognise someone from their facial features alone will end with me frustrated as anything.

Submission by anonymous

i actually am not bothered by the term retarded, i find it quite silly to be offended by baseless slurs, and i tend to be more focused on my own opinion of my self worth rather than others.

While it is perfectly fine to not be offended by the word—there are a lot of people with you on that within the disability community—it’s important to remember that there are people who are hurt by the word.

It’s not silly to be offended by the slur and I want to point out that this slur isn’t baseless.  The problem that caused it to be a slur wasn’t what the word meant; it was its overuse, misuse, and the implications that were eventually included that what it described were traits that made someone inhuman and not a valuable member of society.  It became objectifying.

It’s perfectly fine to not be offended by a slur but you should always try to be sensitive to those of us who are.


[Image of meme; Top text: “Raffle tickets hidden inside balloons” Bottom text: “Dashes out the room before the inevitable explosion”]

Same anon as the one who posted about the trivia night. Here’s another story.

So we’re at another trivia night, except this time, it’s a trivia night for charity. So there are a lot of raffles and games as well as the actual trivia. At one point in the night, the announcer said that they would be selling balloons with raffle tickets inside of them, which of course means that there would be a lot of popping. A lot of popping. As soon as I realised this, I basically fled to the toilets before the terrifying loud noises would happen. I don’t see how anyone thought this would be a good idea.

Submission by anonymous

how do you feel about the word retard/retarded? To me it really bothers me & I'm autistic

Asked by Anonymous

Originally intended to mean “slow”, though what exactly was supposed to be slow was never made explicitly clear.

The word slowly developed a stronger association with mental disabilities in general.

The problems with the word are that 1) it’s rarely accurate in its most literal definition in the first place and 2) it includes a connotation that a person is less valuable as a human being (at the time the word was originally coined as the word, this was the general belief about people with disabilities so it’s not surprising that it carried into the word).

It’s not okay to use.  It’s derogatory and very few if any of us are okay with being referred to by that word.

It’s a slur, plain and simple.


Do other autistic people …


Sometimes, I wonder if other autistic people share my experiences. And then I keep my questions to myself. Because that’s how things are. Because I think my questions are weird. Or pointless. Whatever. There’s almost always something.

So, yeah. I created a blog just so I could anonymously ask all the questions I want to my fellow spectrumites. And so you could. And so everybody could. As long as they’re autistic or suspect that they might be.

I wanted to write the submission guidelines before I made the blog public, but it’s hard and I don’t want to wait. Sorry. I’ll try to take care of that soon. In the meantime, just … be nice, okay?

About some people on the blog claiming to be more or less sensitive to drugs, it could possibly be caused by variations of the CYP2D6 gene? It affects the metabolisation of some drugs, including some amphetamines and opiods. Not sure about weed though, maybe someone with a more thorough understanding of the subject could add anything?

Asked by Anonymous



Text Mode -Good for those who are visually sensitive. loads pages in black and white/all text/obscures images. It’s also helpful for those who use screen readers. (Thanks to http://daigonite.tumblr.com/)

FlashControl -Stops Flash animations running by…

May be useful.


I am autistic and I find that I am hypersensitive to drugs? (Weed, painkillers, stimulants) I was wondering if this also happens to you

Asked by Anonymous

"Is it possible to be "immune" to weed because you have Asperger's? " - anon. I have aspergers, 19 years old and I smoke cannabis several times a week, it does effect me personally.

Could a tendency to read entire blogs in one sitting or over the course of several consecutive days, after reading one post reblogged from that blog, be autism related or is it just weird?

Asked by Anonymous


It’s sort of an ADHD thing—you can’t get diagnosed strictly from hyperfocus as far as I’m aware, but it’s considered a symptom—and is very frequently seen in autistic people.


Okay maybe weird question kind of from nowhere: are there ways of knowing whether you're autistic without an official diagnosis?

Asked by Anonymous


Not a weird question.

Do research.  Lots of it.  Get into autism communities.  Talk within these communities about your experiences and listen to other people’s experiences.

If you find yourself identifying with much of what you find or having other autistic people validating your experiences that nobody else has really been able to validate for you, you probably know you’re autistic.

I started with the WebMD article on autism symptoms.  (See also:  the WebMD article on Asperger’s Symptoms)  You should also look at other things explaining autism.  This is the actual diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

As for communities, I started looking at various autism meme blogs and blogs of frequent posters as well as the actuallyautistic tag.

Reblogging here because I think this could be some good info for some followers.


Do you know if there are any blogs for Autistic people who are former foster children? If not should it is exist?

Asked by Anonymous

It should exist and I unfortunately don’t know of any.

Anyone have any ideas?  This is something I would want to link to somewhere on the page.