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I am autistic and I find that I am hypersensitive to drugs? (Weed, painkillers, stimulants) I was wondering if this also happens to you

Asked by Anonymous

"Is it possible to be "immune" to weed because you have Asperger's? " - anon. I have aspergers, 19 years old and I smoke cannabis several times a week, it does effect me personally.

Could a tendency to read entire blogs in one sitting or over the course of several consecutive days, after reading one post reblogged from that blog, be autism related or is it just weird?

Asked by Anonymous


It’s sort of an ADHD thing—you can’t get diagnosed strictly from hyperfocus as far as I’m aware, but it’s considered a symptom—and is very frequently seen in autistic people.


Okay maybe weird question kind of from nowhere: are there ways of knowing whether you're autistic without an official diagnosis?

Asked by Anonymous


Not a weird question.

Do research.  Lots of it.  Get into autism communities.  Talk within these communities about your experiences and listen to other people’s experiences.

If you find yourself identifying with much of what you find or having other autistic people validating your experiences that nobody else has really been able to validate for you, you probably know you’re autistic.

I started with the WebMD article on autism symptoms.  (See also:  the WebMD article on Asperger’s Symptoms)  You should also look at other things explaining autism.  This is the actual diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

As for communities, I started looking at various autism meme blogs and blogs of frequent posters as well as the actuallyautistic tag.

Reblogging here because I think this could be some good info for some followers.


Do you know if there are any blogs for Autistic people who are former foster children? If not should it is exist?

Asked by Anonymous

It should exist and I unfortunately don’t know of any.

Anyone have any ideas?  This is something I would want to link to somewhere on the page.


For the immune ask. May not be, but could be an intesesting hypothesis if ever find out a way to test it. Everyone's different, but I've tried it once and wasnt really impressed by it, and even in general usually takes a lot of.. well anything to get results with me. I've never even been drunk; even after 10 glasses of the better vodka I'm just a little buzzed and usually by then I give up because cost, others ready to go home, or just have to pee too much to be worth it. Figured was genetic BG

Asked by Anonymous

re:re: immunity. im not sure that that specifically is a general autism thing, but hasn't it been documented that we react differently to things, such as being more likely to experience side effects?

Asked by Anonymous

Re: immunity. Yeah I think that might be a general autism thing because they generally have to give me a LOT more anesthesia whenever I go in to get a procedure done.

Asked by Anonymous

To "immune" anon:i dont think aspergers is a factor,although however,i have a similar(slightly)situation with getting drunk. It takes a long while for me to get completely there. At the most,i babble nonsense.But im there most of the time. Maybe those with our similar diagnosis just have high tolerance to pain and other things such as alcahol and weed. Im not sure if anyone agrees,but maybe its true,maybe its false.Your call

Asked by Anonymous

Is it possible to be "immune" to weed because you have Asperger's? I have a friend who smokes weed sometimes, and I've tried it at her place about 5 or 6 times, and I've never felt ANYTHING at all. I've even smoked more than her sometimes (and she's clearly gotten high) and still felt nothing at all. I'm usually MORE sensitive than others to chemical substances and medication and stuff. Is is possible that my Asperger's somehow stops my brain from being affected by weed?

Asked by Anonymous

I personally have no experience with this so I don’t think I can give any accurate answer.

Followers thoughts?


Help? Im confused. A littlee boy in church is autistic. Mom says hes not and that the lady was diagnosing her son to get away with stuff. She then proceeded to tel me that i didnt have aspergers that i had autistic tendancys. Yet ive benn told i had aspergers my whole life. Admin or followers,what is going on here? im lost. Are autistic tendancys and aspergers the same??

Asked by Anonymous

"Autistic tendencies" is a really common way of saying "autistic but we don’t want to admit it."

"Aspergers" is a diagnosis that doesn’t actually exist in the USA anymore and got folded under autism, but when it existed it often meant "autistic but you talked by the time you got evaluated and we don’t want to scare people with the word autism." 

Your mom’s actual reasons for her statements I don’t know because I’m neither her nor a mind-reader, but my guess is that she’s full of shit.


Thank you for the wonderful article.

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Submission by frankietheowl

when i was 9 i went VERY nonverbal. in the years following my parents divorce i would talk with only the people i was closest to. immediate family, closer cousins/friends etc. in public and school id talk very quietly only when absolutely necessary. id slooowly started talking more. now im 16 and probably talk about the average for w asd. but my question was is this autism related or a normal reaction to childhood trauma? ive never heard of this happening to anybody else

Asked by Anonymous

Selective mutism is very common with autism.  It also happens with trauma and general heavy stress.  I would easily believe both had been a factor here.